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I am a licensed marriage + family therapist who combines masters-level training with wisdom forged from rubber-to-the-road life experience. I've held positions as a family therapist in a myriad of residential and outpatient dual-diagnosis treatment centers and dedicate the majority of my time to nurture a private practice in Marin County.


My aim is to meet the emergent needs of those seeking to improve how they feel about and relate with themselves, others and life. My relational approach + family systems, attachment, and trauma-focused training support my efforts to show up for my clients in a direct and compassionate style. Therapy with me is about having an advocate for yourself, someone who will hold the light while you go inward to explore and discover the solutions that fit just right for you. Our collaboration is dedicated to you feeling less distressed and more empowered to live a life that feels authentic and satisfying.


paying it forward.

Additionally, I have honed particular expertise in the areas of relationships and addiction.  Many years ago, when addiction first emerged in the lives of those I love, I found myself, toe-to-toe, with one of the most significant challenges of my life; deciphering how best to care for my loved ones... without interrupting our mutual opportunities for growth.  That journey gifted valuable lessons and the development of skills that particularly accentuate my ability to support clients facing addiction in their own life.

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My clients and colleagues describe me as non-judgmental, lion-hearted, creative, and collaborative. And I'd like to share these qualities with you! Let's start today with a complimentary 15-minute phone call! 





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